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Post  High Priestess Kantessa on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:47 pm

Perhaps so that everyone is well acquainted with each others and their own characters and countries, we should write up some bios and post them somewhere public. Things you might want to include:

-Character History
-Family History (seeing as your bloodline is probably important)
-Country History
-Character and country allies and enemies
-Character and Domains religion
-Political Philosophy of character
-Governmental system
-Imports/exports/commerce in general
-Important lieutenants/lords/other shakers and movers in your realm.

Anything else important? These wouldn't have to be long at all either if people are lazy. Just do a sentence for each of the important things to you or write an essay if you want. I'll have one up in not too long. These would also help DMs immeasurably with domain events and adventures.

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