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Bio: Guilder Kalien and Endier Empty Bio: Guilder Kalien and Endier

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Guilder Kalien is said to have been born in Brechtur, but little is known about his family or early life. As a young man he offered his mercantile and political advice to the good-natured but incompetant ruler of Endier, Jorain. His ability to compromise and network helped turn Endier around from financial ruin to a thriving entrepot in the heart of the Empire. A series of tragic accident befell the royal family, and Jorain, himself partially crippled by a stroke, saw his nephews and nieces die from various illnesses and other mishaps. When his son, Donald, died suddenly of an opium overdose, the grieved and elder Jorain took his own life, bequeathing care of the kingdom to Kalien--who had been for some time ruling the realm in all but name.

Country history: originally part of Diemed, its ruler was unable to control Endier, which bordered upon the Shadowfell. Richard Endier through patience and cunning eventually won independence under a weak Diemed ruler. (see further information on the birthright wiki--but some of the information is a bit obscure and your character may not know it)

Religion: Guilder Kalien's religious beliefs are unknown

Politics: Kalien rules Endier with a barely concealed iron fist; nevertheless, it is a kingdom under the rule of law. Unlike most nations, there is no separate code for nobles and commoners; indeed, the nobility's only real advantage is its wealth and assets. Justice is seemingly fair and impartial, though Kalien's friends and associates always seem to end up on the winning side.

He is active in imperial politics and has tried to strike a carefully court the favor of his many neighbors--all of whom are much alrger and stronger than Endier. Kalien often speaks of "coalitions" and praises the importance of a "general consensus" on pressing issues. He is well-known for his somewhat obsequious offers to make his country and his "sources" available to his "friends"--nevertheless, as his connections are indeed wide, many nobles from various houses have found his services useful.

Imports: food, iron
Exports: textiles, gems, weapons, mercenaries, various craft goods and skilled labor
Other sources of income: various tribute from trade routes, taxes, and tariffs

Current news:
Rumor has it that Kalien has tapped a new and rich source of raw materials. The Guilder has been able to channel an abnormally large amoutn of money into the Emprie's economy lately, and the exact source of this new prosperity is a hot-topic among merchants and other interested parties.
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